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Serve team


Saturate is a series of revival services with extended worship. We believe that we can encounter God in a big way when we meet together in a special setting specifically for the purpose of spiritual revival and renewal. 

Evangelist: Joe Phillips


Sunday Evening (10/6)


Kids Saturate Service and Nursery Available 

Monday through Tuesday (10/7-8) 


Kids Saturate Service and Nursery Available

Wednesday (10/9) 


Family Night and Nursery Available

Serve team resources

Joining a serve team is easy, simply attend Growth Track on Wednesday nights at 7:00PM in room 105.

A new series of Growth Track begins every first Wednesday of the month. 

Serve Team FAQs

When is the Sunday morning serve team meeting?

First service team 8:15AM in the Community Room

Second Service Team 10:30AM in the Community Room

Who is my Team Leader/Pastoral Oversight?

Ushers/Children's/Equip Groups/Connect Groups/Safety/

School of Ministry

Pastor Christina,

Media/Worship/Video Production

Pastor Jason,

Youth/Greeters/Event Hub/Guest Central/Cafe/Outreach

Pastor Daniel,

Nursery/Women's Ministry/New Life Coaches

Pastor Regina,

What if I can't make it to serve?

RSVP "No" on your Breeze email or text. You can always change your RSVP in case of an emergency.

Does the Serve Team meet on Wednesday nights?

No, the Serve Team only meets on Sunday Mornings.

I want to serve in another area, who do I contact?

If you have completed Growth Track, fill out a serve card and email your team leader/Pastoral oversight. If you have not completed Growth Track, attend Growth Track and the process will guide you to a team.

If I serve with kids, do I need to wear my kids shirt?

Yes, it is very important for Serve Team members to stand out in kids areas. 

My friend wants to serve, how do I help them to join a team?

Encourage them to attend Growth Track, you can event attend it with them, for support. 

I completed Growth Track and I haven't been contacted to serve, what do I do?

Click here. 

My Breeze isn't working, what do I do?

See the links to the left of this column for help with Breeze. If following the steps on those links doesn't help, contact the church office by phone at 806-293-1637 or email your team leader/Pastoral Oversight

*Always check your spam folder for Breeze emails.

A guest asked me about ear plugs or sensory muffs, where are these stored?

A Event Hub Serve Team member can help you with this. 

Where can I put my belongings when I serve?

There is a designated area in Serve Central. 

Where do I sign in before serving?

Serve Central has a sign in sheet every Wednesday and Sunday. It is very important that you sign in every time you serve. 

Breeze Help

Breeze tutorials, click here. 

Breeze Church ID: pfa

Breeze Address:

Ministry Renewal

Ministry Renewal, click here. 

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