Equip Groups


We study the Word of God in smaller group settings throughout the week. 


We have age specific groups for children, as well as adult groups for men, women and young adults. Directional signs and maps around the campus and our serve team is available to help you navigate and find a group for you and every member of your family.



Men's Bible Study Group

Location: Room 120

Time: 6:30AM




Growth Track

Location: Room 105

The easiest way to get connected at Plainview First is to attend Growth Track. Growth Track guides you to grow in your relationship with God and others as you discover your God-given purpose. See the Group Guide for a full description of each session.


Combined Group // Sanctuary // Pastors Nelson & Christina

Join us as we journey through the Gospel of John and discover how Jesus reveals through miracles, parables, and relationships how He is the fulfillment of God's promises. Jesus is the Word, the Light, the Lamb—the eternal Son of God. Let the humanity of Christ move you as He feels your joys and pains, and let the deity of Christ awaken you to the life He has planned for you!



Women’s Group // Room 117 // Pastor Regina Gonzalez

Living as a godly woman in 2022 can be challenging to say the least. As women who are led by the Holy Spirit, we have been empowered to live a life which does not depend on our circumstances, surroundings, or our own strength and abilities. God has given us powerful truths in His Word to help us become everything He designed us to be. In this study, we will examine many of these truths and discover principles that we can apply in our daily lives. These truths are essential to growing deeper in our relationship with God and enjoying a life of freedom, confidence and power!


Men’s Group // Room 120 // Shannon Thrasher

In a cluttered and confusing world, there’s value in getting back to basics. In this study we will explore the opening chapters of Genesis to discover the foundational truths about faith, sin, and relationships—both with God and others. Join us as we take a panoramic view of the beginning of life, while exploring God’s basic values for His people.  


Married & Engaged Couples // Room 109 // Steven & Malissa Reyna

Whether you have been married for decades or are just about to embark on this life-long voyage of grace-filled love, the Sacred Marriage is sure to encourage you in your relationship. Join other couples for this video/discussion-based group as we discover how God can use our relationships with our spouses as a motivation to love God more and to better reflect the character of his Son.


Parents // Room 106 // Matt & Maria Horton

When it comes to parenting, who you are is more important than what you do. In this group, with a video/discussion-based format, we will learn how to embrace the grace God offers, so we can give it, creating a solid foundation for growing biblically strong and spiritually empowered children. We will apply these truths to help us navigate the various phases of childhood and the difficulties of our current culture. 

Children's Wednesday Groups



Location: Room 115 (Nursery)

Time: 7:00PM


1 Years Old

Location: Room 204

Time: 7:00PM


2 Years Old and Potty-Training

Location: Room 210

Time: 7:00PM


3-5 Years Old (Not yet in Kindergarten)

Location: Room 209

Time: 7:00PM


Kindergarten-5th Grade

Location: Children's Auditorium

Time: 7:00PM